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An Introduction to Homestays in Campbell River

Campbell River families have been welcoming exchange students from abroad for more than 28 years. Campbell River Schools International provides students with carefully screened Host Families who are well prepared for hosting International Students. Prospective homestay families receive a thorough security screening and reference check, all family members are interviewed, and all homes are personally inspected.

What is a homestay like? 
As a homestay student, you will be welcomed into a home close to your school and treated "just like one of the family." Because almost everyone in Campbell River speaks English as a first language, you will have plenty of chances to practice your English, and to become active in the Campbell River community. 

As a student you will receive:

  • a secure and welcoming environment
  • a private room, including a bed, closet, study table and light
  • three healthy meals per day, plus snacks
  • monitoring by the homestay contractor


Responsibilities and Expectations of Homestay Students

Your homestay family will want you to feel safe and happy, and to experience all that Canada has to offer. They will want you to spend time with them. Homestay parents are not just landlords. Students are expected to follow the normal rules of family life and to contribute to the household routine. Always ask your host parent's permission before making plans. Be respectful and behave responsibly, and let yourself enjoy having a "second family" here in Canada. 

As a homestay student, you are responsible for: 
  1. maintaining appropriate behaviour
  2. costs of some activities (going out with friends, movies, etc.)
  3. telephone charges
  4. transportation costs
  5. school supplies

To make the most of your Canadian living experience, try to come with an open mind. 

The first few weeks of living in a new country and with a new family will, at times, be difficult. It's normal to feel homesick and frustrated with the language. Give yourself time to adjust.
 By the time you leave, it will be hard to say good-bye​!