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Campbell River School District has offered elite physical education classes in a number of sports for many years including Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer and Volleyball. Each Physical Education sports class will be led by an on-site Head Coach who will be supported by a number of guest coaches, many with national or international experience.


Sports Pathways abound at Carihi Secondary School where athletes can add these programs to their studies:

  • Strength & Conditioning
    In these physical education classes, students create and practice training routines specific to their sport; learn Olympic lifts; increase cardiovascular level. Students earn credit for PE 11 or 12. Classes occur during the school day.
  • Sports Science
    Students earns credit in Physical Education 11 or 12 and Biology 12; effects of physical activity on health and performance; focus on movement, anatomy and how the various systems contribute to physical performance. Classes occur during the school day.
  • Sports Leadership
    Divided into Junior (9/10) and Senior (11/12) levels, students have opportunities to help run sports events by officiating, marshalling, coaching; or by organizing school intramurals or community events. Classes occur before or after the school day.
  • IGNITE Athlete Development
    Program is sponsored by Canadian-Sport-Institute-Pacific and is held in the Carihi gym and fitness mezzanine; targeted to the serious athlete; focuses on a multi-sport training program of strength, agility and speed. http://www.csipacific.ca/programs/ignite/ Classes occur outside the school day—two mornings and one afternoon per week. Fees apply. 
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Basketball and Soccer photos courtesy of Campbell River Mirror